Friday, August 22, 2014

Your Rug Has Fringes and You Don't Like Them!

It is a love/hate matter. Some of our clients love to see fringes/tassels on their rugs, and some hate fringes. The pros say fringes make their rugs look beautiful and more real. Cons say fringes look ugly as they get dirty or damaged by foot traffic or by getting cut in vacuum cleaners. I believe both groups have valid points. It is a matter of taste.

We picked up few rugs from a client for cleaning and repair. He wanted us to get rid of fringes. So this is what we did.

He told us to cut the fringes, but that was not right as it would damage the rug and the end knots would come off. So we folded the fringes and one of our repair technicians on site sewed them back under the rug.

This is what we did to his other beautiful hand knotted Persian Sarouk carpet. We sewed the fringes back. In case if this client changes his mind in the future and would like to see/have the fringes, it is easy to open and bring them back again.

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