Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rug Cleaning and Moth Damaged/Infested Rugs

We picked up seven severely moth infested rugs from a public storage in west Los Angeles. Moths were flying in the storage units when we picked up these Chinese rugs. This was by far the worst moth case we had seen in years.

These seven rugs were left in storage without cleaning and wrapping of any kind. It took us several hours to do a preliminary vacuuming to bring them into our shop to take pictures, measure them and process them for a deep hand wash.

The deep cleaning is done now and we contacted the client and offered to do the moth treatment/spray. She wants to store them again and we offered professional wrapping and sealing of the rugs. We should hear from her today.
This is after cleaning picture of one of the rugs. There were thousands of live moths jumping up and down in this rug when we picked it up.
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