Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Much Is The Rug You Are Selling Worth?

This is a pure silk hand knotted Persian carpet made in the famous city of Qum, in north central Iran. In perfect condition, this rug would be worth around $3,000. Our client bought this rug in a flee market for only $3.00! The seller had asked for $5.00

Neither the seller, nor the buyer knew what this was until the buyer, who is a young lady brought this rug to us in a shopping bag for cleaning. It had some color bleeding since she washed it at home and messed it up. To prove to her that this was a valuable rug, I offered to buy it from her for $300.00. She liked to keep it and wanted us to professionally wash it for her.

If you have a rug and want to sell it, it is good to do a little homework and research to find out what you have before you give it away.

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