Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What Do We Mean By Professional Rug Cleaning at Los Angeles Rug Cleaning?

A couple of days ago, a client called and said she wanted a rug appraised for insurance purposes. She brought the rug in and I did the appraisal for her and gave her the certificate and the document she needed to insure the rug. I asked if her rug was professionally cleaned in the past few years.

She said yes and mentioned it was actually cleaned by a rug cleaner less than two weeks ago. I told her I did not think this rug was properly cleaned. She was a little skeptical until we did a little test.

After she saw the dust, she was convinced that her rug was not professionally cleaned. It might have been dry, or surface cleaned, but this could not take care of the dust and dry soil inside the construction and foundation of the rug.

She left the rug with us for hand washing and deep cleaning. Many of these chain companies are wall-wall carpet cleaners, and do not know and care for Oriental, hand made or machine made rugs.

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