Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rug Blogs: Rug Customers Do Not Know What Kind of Rugs They Are Looking For!

Yesterday, a lady came in and said she was looking for a green runner. We showed her many pieces of green runners, but she happily left with a pair of 8' x 2' 3" Beige (Creme) runners. Some of rug customers do not exactly know what they are looking for.

It was while ago when a couple came in looking for a 10 x 10 feet silk rug. After two hours and messing every thing up in our rug store, they ended up liking and buying a hand-knotted Persian Sarouk rug. The wife was so excited she said she could not wait to get home!

I have had many old customers who bought modern design Persian or Oriental rugs and young customers buying classic and traditional design hand made Oriental or Persian carpets!

Khosrow Sobhe
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