Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kashkouli Kashkuli Rug Water Damage

A lady called me yesterday from southern California asking several questions about Kashkuli rugs and their prices. I said what is the purpose of asking these questions? Are you planning to buy such a rug? She said no. We are manufacturer of dish washing machines. One of our customers from Chicago had water leaking from her dish washer damaging her Kashkuli rug. She has taken the 4 x 6 rug to several rug appraisers who came up with three different appraisals, $1,400, $1,900, and $5,500. She wants us to pay her the damage occurred to her rug because of our washing machine working improperly.

I asked her to e-mail me a photo of the rug before I can tell her an approximate price on this water damaged rug from the province of Shiraz, in south west Iran. She e-mailed me the photo of the rug while we were on the phone. I said if you visit our web site , on the home page to the left side, there is a link called Qashqai Collection, click on this link and you will see many rugs made with hand spun wool and natural dye similar to this rug with around $800 to $900 prices. I would say the maximum this rug is worth could be $1,400 which one of the appraisers has mentioned. Besides, this rug can be possibly restored and the damage to the construction and the color maybe fixed. She was so happy to be able to find us on the Internet to get some first hand idea about this kind of rugs. Kashkuli is a clan within the big Qashqai tribe who make beautiful rugs.

It is good to help those who need.

Khosrow Sobhe

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