Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rug Blogs: Rug Customers Do Not Know What Kind of Rugs They Are Looking For!

Yesterday, a lady came in and said she was looking for a green runner. We showed her many pieces of green runners, but she happily left with a pair of 8' x 2' 3" Beige (Creme) runners. Some of rug customers do not exactly know what they are looking for.

It was while ago when a couple came in looking for a 10 x 10 feet silk rug. After two hours and messing every thing up in our rug store, they ended up liking and buying a hand-knotted Persian Sarouk rug. The wife was so excited she said she could not wait to get home!

I have had many old customers who bought modern design Persian or Oriental rugs and young customers buying classic and traditional design hand made Oriental or Persian carpets!

Khosrow Sobhe


Zanuyay said...

What a wonderful blog! I am new to the rug and carpet scene, although I have bought and owned several smaller rugs over the years from antique stores and auctions. But now I am getting started and have been buying quite a few. I have fallen completely in love with the carpets and the intense life and spirit they contain. Your blog is very helpful because i want to learn everything I can to educate myself and to hear the stories of rug dealers who have been around a long time. Thank you!

Nice Rug said...

Thanks for the great post! I still like shaggy rugs - they're retro of the seventies and are now available in cool contemporary colours like deep black, white and grey. Nice big thick shaggy rugs feel nice underfoot too. said...

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RugFan said...

Persian rugs are great, even though the lady did not know what she was talking about I'm glad she left happy.

Land of Rugs said...

I think it is up to the rug industry to offer guidance to rug customers you need to offer support to customers so they can get a rug that will suit their room and interiors, large rugs can overpower a room but in some rooms change the look and feel of a room which can give the room a lift
Rug sales people should be aware that customers aren't always sure and will need guidance then they will come back for their next rug.

Lucy@cheap shag rugs said...

I am a rugs collector.. I have collected few and i love putting it inside our house... I am looking for more nice rugs to buy to add my rugs collections.

Anonymous said...

my inexpensive "oriental rug" is ruined, believe me nothing can bring it back. While rolling it up I noticed the back of the rug was in perfect condition and looked good. It looks like a "sisal" rug with a pattern. I am using that now until I buy a new rug. People have even commented on how nice it looks. Has anyone else done this. I know it sounds tacky but it is a temporary solutions.

PatternsColorsDesign said...

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