Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chris de Burgh and Persian Rugs Carpets

Chris de Burgh and Persian Rugs/Carpets

Chris de Burgh (born Christopher John Davison on October 15, 1948) is an Argentinean-born musician and songwriter who holds British nationality and who currently resides in Ireland. A rocker who writes a variety of mixed instrumental material, Chris de Burgh had huge success in Ireland, Britain and the United States with the 1986 hit "The Lady in Red". He is planning to take a trip to Tehran where he will have several concerts with an Iranian band called "Aryan". Let us read parts of his recent interview:

-Do you know how popular you are among Iranian people?

I am aware of my popularity in Iran. As I have traveled the world over the years, I have met many Iranian fans at my shows, who have told me stories of hearing my music in Iran. Also, being able to look on the Internet every day, I see many comments and notes Iranian fans on my chat room. In the UK there have been many articles from journalists who have been fortunate enough to travel and they always mention how surprised they are at hearing my music played so frequently in Iran.

-Answering to one of your Iranian fans, you said about the 100 years old Isfahan Carpets which you have in your home. How did you get them and what makes you being interested in them?

I have a friend in Ireland who deals in Persian rugs. I know quite a bit about them, for example I currently own the following:- KASHAN, KAZAK, BIDJAR, MAHAL, MOHTASHEM, SAROUK, QUM, TABRIZ, HERIZ, which I have been collecting over the years. What fascinate me about them are their beauty and the knowledge of the Artisans that have past down this craft from generation to generation.

-Are you familiar with Iranian culture and art? What about Iranian music?

I don’t know much about Iranian music but I do know about Iranian art and its important contribution to world culture.

Khosrow Sobhe

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