Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Talk Like a Persian Rug Expert in 5 Simple Steps

I often brows and read posts on . It is Informative and fun. In one of the posts, there is an interesting post on how to talk like a Persian rug expert. In one of the steps. it is mentioned that do not over emphasize knot per square inch which is very true. While ago, a lady brought in a very finely hand knotted Chinese rug. The size was 8 x 10 and the background color was Ivory. She was ready to sell this high knot count (the KPSI was 460) for $500. I did not want to buy this rug because the design was a mess and unbalanced. In some parts, the motives were compressed and busy while in another parts of the rug, you could see open fields and the absence of the motives. I showed this rug to several rug dealers, but nobody had any interest to buy it even for $300!! She had to take it back after two weeks.

The post I just read on reminded that story to me once again.

Khosrow Sobhe

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