Monday, September 8, 2008

Rugs and Stain Removal in Los Angeles

We receive many rugs for stain removal in our rug gallery. We have a workshop next to our rug store on La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles and take care of these stains. There is one big problem and that is the customers who treat the stains with unknown and untested chemicals at home. These chemical are multi-purpose stuff which in many cases do not remove the stains and will make it more difficult for us to do stain removal from Oriental and area rugs.

Before we start working on the stain, we try to analyze and find out about the nature of the stain as each case needs its own treatment and a different solvent to neutralize the stain. In many cases, we have to dye the removed spot since it may fade away after the stain is removed.

David who runs the wonderful RugRag blog has commented on situation like these on one of my previous posts and I cite it here. I totally agree with David who is a third generation rug enthusiastic:

"The instinct when something like this happens is to treat the stain as quick as possible.... However, this often leads to the hasty decision of using any and all cleaners available. This is a big mistake because many of these all-in-one cleaners have unnecessary chemicals: "blanket cleaners" formulated to treat as wide a variety of stain as possible. The problem here is that it often results in the stain becoming colorfast".

I also include few photos of the stained rugs we recently received. Like many other cases, these rugs were treated by their owners with different chemicals.

Khosrow Sobhe

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