Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pet Urine Stain Removal From Rugs in Los Angeles

I was going to write something on pet urine stain removal from rugs two days ago. This is what we do for many of our customers. I gathered some very interesting information that I would like to share with my readers here. The sources are the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, SF Gate, home of San Francisco Chronicle, and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification.

1- There are more than 68 million dogs and 73 million cats in American homes, totaling 141 million pets!

2- More than 63% of cat owners and 42% of dog owners share their beds with their beloved pets!

3- A little more than 63% of American homes have pets!

4- In 2007, Americans spent $40 billion on pets. This almost doubled compared with $23 billion of 1997.

5- More than 80% of the bedrooms, 65% of the living rooms, 68% of the offices and dens and 63% of the family rooms have carpets (wall to wall carpeting).

6- Approximately 2/3 or 64% of the American homeowners have a kind of Area or Oriental rug in their homes.

I ask my customers not to treat the stains with chemicals and the stuff they may find in supermarkets or pet stores by trial & error as this may deepen the problem. In many instances chemicals stabilize the stains and the bleedings. It will be then difficult to remove the stain from Oriental and area rugs.

Khosrow Sobhe


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