Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carpet Cleaners in Los Angeles

Many carpet cleaners claim that they clean Oriental rugs while their real job is to clean wall to wall carpeting with portable cleaning machines or truck mount equipments. This is not real Oriental carpet and hand knotted or area rug cleaning.

First of all, the workers who go to different homes to clean wall to wall carpeting do not know rugs, their construction, their fiber, their dye and their age; therefore cannot tell whether the rugs would bleed, shrink or damage if they clean them with ordinary carpet cleaning method and chemicals. Second, this kind of cleaning would move the food stuff, protein, dust and dirt from the surface of the rug to the inner part of the pile. Of course the price of this type of low quality rug cleaning may look cheaper to the rug owners if they do not know the difference between professional rug cleaning and a cleaning done at home with regular carpet cleaners. Or maybe the owners know the difference but their concern is the price, while having a rug professionally cleaned is investing in preserving a valuable rug.

Khosrow Sobhe

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