Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rug Cleaning and Repair in Los Angeles

When it comes to rug cleaning we should have two concerns:

1- Our health and well being
2- Protecting our rug which means protecting our investment

There are so much food stuff, protein, dust and dirt inside the pile of our rugs which act like sandpaper. The protein and food stuff provide the ground for the moths to appear and grow and later on damage the fiber of the rug. The dust and dirt also damage the fiber of the rug which is usually wool or silk and is very fragile. By having your rug professionally cleaned, you can protect your health. When we walk and live on dirty rugs, the dust and dirt is released and floated in the air and we breathe them. This would put our health in danger. Therefore by cleaner rugs, we can have cleaner and healthier homes.

That is why we recommend to customers to have their rugs professionally cleaned by us once in a year. We at not only clean their rugs, but give them tons of literature on rug cleaning and care free of gharge.

Khosrow Sobhe

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