Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rug Weaving or Repair: Which One Is Tougher?

Rug weaving is a very tough job and requires a lot of patience. Rug repair on the other hand needs a lot of expertise and patience as well. The rug weaver only makes a similar type of rug with the same weaving technique each time he/she wants to make a rug. The repair man/woman should be familiar with all the techniques and should be able to match the weave, design and color of each rug to be repaired.

Khosrow Sobhe

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Who Says Salonista? said...

Nice to meet you! I manage a rug gallery in San diego, 4th Avenue Rug Gallery. I have a bs in bichemistry, attended the interior design program at mesa college and currently enrolled for my mba. I find the rug business is one of the most fascinating disciplines.I spent 12 yrs in Greece where handmade items are appreciated for their quality .I do agree that repair is more difficult as you have to be prepared for almost anything and weaving has a little more consistency along with the difficulty of the work. y