Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ashley Tabaddor, U.S. Immigration Judge and the Coalition of Iranian Entrepreneurs

Coalition of the Iranian Entrepreneurs' Meeting

Like any other Monday, last night we had our weekly meeting in the Camden House restaurant in Beverly Hills. As usual we started at 6:00 pm with Persian appetizers, tea and lots of networking and business cards exchanging. We had dinner, a wonderful Persian food buffet at 7:15 pm. After the dinner, Dr. Shay Maghameh the president of CIE started the session and welcomed the guests. Then I introduced the new guests. I also briefly gave a report on a Persian silk rug which was recently auctioned and sold by the Christy's for $4,500,000. This 5 x 7 foot silk rug was from the Safavid era, around 450 years ago. The new owner is an Iranian collector whose name is not revealed.

Then, Dr. Cyrus Meshky, attorney at law, the Chairman of the Iranian Coalition of Entrepreneurs introduced the speaker. Our keynote speaker was Honorable Ms. Ashley Tabaddor, a young Iranian-American U.S. Immigration Judge. She delivered an excellent presentation on the importance of voting right on the eve of the historic election in the U.S. which would send either an African-American President or a female vice president to the White House for the first time in the history. At the end of her speech, she answered the questions for 10 minutes. This was one the best programs we have had in our weekly meetings. Everybody was proud of her. Both her parents with several other friends were also present in our gathering last night. What a joy on the parents' part to have such a wonderful and successful daughter!

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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