Monday, November 10, 2008

A Busy Sunday With Rug Sale and Rug Cleaning

It was a relatively busy Sunday yesterday. A young couple who had bought two rugs on Saturday returned a small one (4 x 6) and exchanged it with a 5 x 8 tufted Indian rug. They also got a super fine rug pad. They were excited to have this rug and mentioned how happy they were with their other rug they had bought earlier.

A couple who had brought in two rugs for cleaning and repair last Saturday from Irvine, some 50 miles away from Los Angeles where we are brought in three more rugs for cleaning and repair. They picked up two other rugs they had with us for repair and cleaning. We opened up the rugs and showed them the repaired part. They liked the cleaning and the repair. They were dressed up to go to Los Angeles Philharmonics concert.

One more prospect walked into our rug gallery and looked at some Persian rugs. She was not sure about the size she was looking for. She said she would measure the room for which she needs a rug and would comeback next week.

Khosrow Sobhe

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