Saturday, November 22, 2008

Water Damaged Rugs Appraisal

A customer who had a water pipe breakage in his house wanted me to do an appraisal job for 14 of his rugs which were water damaged. Since it was difficult for him to take all the rugs to our store, I made an appointment to see the rugs in his place in a neighboring town. One day after I made the appointment, I received a phone call from his insurance company asking about me and who I am. The gentleman said he would like find out more about me to see if I could be eligible to do the appraisal. I gave him the information he needed and said he could "Google" me to see how many entries would appear about me on his monitor. He called me back in 15 minutes and said I could keep my appointment.

I did the rug appraisal and issued individual certificate for each rug with all the technical details and the lost value for each piece.

Khosrow Sobhe

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