Sunday, December 21, 2008

Customers Do Not Pick up Cleaned Repaired Rugs

We only have few days left before 2008 ends. We have many cleaned and repaired rugs but the customers do not show up to pick them up. Why? They don't have time, money or need? Some of these rugs which are left for cleaning, repair, color bleeding, or water damage restorations should be delivered, but customers either do not answer when we call or say they will contact us later to fix the delivery time. We are closing the accounts for the end of the year and need the money for the services we have provided for these customers.

My repairman asked me why we do not charge storage fee if the customers do not pick up their rugs and I said we want these customers to be happy and cannot charge them extra for keeping their carpets in our rug store. We want their repeat business.

Khosrow Sobhe


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Dave said...

Dr. Sobhe!

First, there are some great looking rugs in that photo. Tell your customers Rug Rag needs some new rugs for their office. We'd be more than happy to pay shipping to NY :) If they don't want you to send them to us, going forward, have a 2 week grace period. This is more than reasonable.

A phone call is good, but my best suggestion would be to send an end of the year written letter to everyone who has yet to arrange for pick up of their rugs. Set a date you request them pick up. For those who do not respond promptly, serve them in the future, but next time they bring a rug for service, be clear on your terms up front.

For all customers, spell out what your capacity is to serve them before they leave the rug: let them sign the receipt with an understanding that there *may* be storage fees of $x amount per week (subject to managers discretion) if the rug is picked up later than such and such a date. If you have the space one month and are able to waive the normal fee for storage, people will be thankful.

For much longer and extended periods of time post cleaning/repair... there MUST be a storage charge. This is the norm, and there's good reason for it! You cannot have liabilities on the floor without receiving some form of compensation! I would also document each action you make to contact the owners.