Monday, December 8, 2008

You Have to Compromise to Buy a Rug When You Have Limitations

"I don't want to spent a lot of money. I want a good quality rug with good material, desired size, with colors to match the interior design of my room and color combination of my furniture"!!

This is what I hear these days from many customers. Is it really possible to find such a rug? When you have money, size, color, design and many other limitations, lady, you have to compromise and lose something to buy your desired rugs. You only want to spend few hundred dollars and yet expect so much. That is not possible.

When these customers who do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a rug are directed towards area machine made rugs, they say what is the material of this rug and when they hear nylon or polypropylene, they ask for wool or another types of material. Is it possible to pay for a Volkswagen and get a Mercedes? Of course not. What do you say to these customers?

khosrow Sobhe

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