Saturday, December 6, 2008

We Clean Your Area Rug, You Pay Us After Christmas

Before I close my rug store this afternoon, a lady walked in carrying an area rug for cleaning. I walked toward her and got the rug from her. It was an extremely dirty rug. It had a kind of Zebra design. I measured the rug and said it would cost her $125 to have it cleaned and she could pick it up in a week. She said $125 would be too much for her at this time and she prefers to bring the rug back after the Christmas. I said what if we clean the rug and she picks it up after the holidays. I did not want to lose her rug and her business. She agreed. After I issued her a receipt, I said if you need your rug for the Christmas, you can pick it up next week and pay us after the holiday season is over. She was so surprised and could not believe me and I told her I did really mean it. She left our store happily and said she would comeback soon after she pick up her rug to buy a hand made rug from us.

Khosrow Sobhe

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