Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rug Pads and Giving a Round Rug as a Gift to a Customer

A lady who had bought few rugs earlier this week returned today with her friend, another nice lady looking for a small rug to match two of the small rugs she had bought before. She could not select the right piece and called her son and asked him to take photos of the rugs they had at home and e-mail the photos to her cell phone. This was done and she could finally select the piece which would match the other pieces at home. Thanks to technology which provided us the opportunity to sell rugs.

I asked her if she needed rug pads for the rugs she had bought and she said yes she needed the rug pads. She also bought a couple of rugs today. The bad part of the story was when she liked a round 3 x 3 rug and said she would expect us to give this round rug to her as a free gift without charging her!! I told her that I would give her a discount on this, but she did not accept and said I am your returning and repeat customer and I will continue to comeback to your store. To make her happy I agreed and gave her the rug. She left our store with a big smile on her face and said she would return again very soon. She also got several of my business cards to pass on to her friends who may need rugs.

Khosrow Sobhe

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