Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Animal Carpets, Animal Rugs; I Finally Made It!

For a long time, I was thinking of writing about animal rugs and animal carpets. Animals have been part of human lives from the beginning. We haven't been alone on this plant by ourselves. The pictures of animals have been used on almost everything.

I was and still am fascinated by carpets with animal themes.  Some of the rugs we sell, clean or repair have pictures of animals. Some of them look real animals; some of these animals look exotic, fantastic, or mythical. Some of these animals on carpets are sitting idle doing nothing while some are in motion, flying, swimming, jumping or even more exciting fighting and combating each other.

I launched a new blog called Animal Carpets yesterday. I exclusively deal with carpets with animal themes on this new blog. Will I have time to write on two blogs, manage my rug gallery and its two very active and well optimized web sites, spend time with my family and friends, do personal stuff, and more? I believe yes. Life is too short and we have to work hard and do something. We have to contribute to our fields of study and profession. With a little touch and spice of love, almost anything is achievable.

Well; good luck. It is 7:30 am. I will have a very busy day. I better get ready for work.

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