Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Carpets, No Rugs Today!

By looking at the pictures, it is obvious that I did not go to work today which was Sunday. Therefore, today, I had no story of carpets and rugs to write about. Instead, I went for a walk and hiking in Temascal Canyon with my wife, and my younger son Kash. First we went for breakfast to a small restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway by the Ocean on the way to Malibu. Then we went for an hour of walk.

It is always good to sneak out to go to nature specially if you can go with your friends, family members or your loved ones. This would detox your body and soul. In the afternoon, I went shopping with my older son Ashkan to buy suits, jackets and shirts. This was long overdue as each of us have been very busy lately; so we took a couple of hours off to check out a store to buy suits. Ashkan and I both hate shopping, therefore once in a while that we go to shop pants, suits or jackets, we buy few pieces to be able to skip shopping for a while!

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