Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You drive around like a pizza delivery guy

I received this anonymous comment on one of my recent posts on tapestry cleaning, tapestry repair/restoration. I don't intend to reply to this comment. It may be from a competitor or someone that I do not care about.  

"Sorry, but what kind of life is this you live as an "American-Iranian" in USA? You drive around like a pizza delivery guy, to a bunch of white Americans that has their noses high up in the air, to pick up their carpets. Then you work hard like an animal, trying taking away the piss and shit that their dogs have done in their carpets. I mean, life could have been better at your age. At this age, you still do this? Where do you find your motivation? Especially when the right winged fundamentalist Americans talk so bad, and tell so many lies about Iran. Im from Sweden, maybe thats why i dont like USA. We are very "anti-America" in Sweden, which im proud of. I love Persian carpets, but i would never go to a Persian carpet dealer here and ask him to wash my carpet. I show Iranians in Sweden respect, and only buy carpets of them instead."

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Unknown said...

I would like to respond to this.

I am wondering why this "person" thinks that you or anyone who cleans area rugs, is treated as a lesser class of human? I am also curious as to what they do for a living.

I work for an area rug cleaning company and I am smart, educated, and am very passionate about area rugs as is Dr. Sobhe, who is very respected be his peers and community.

The colour of our skin, our nationality, and our gender have nothing to do with what we are passionate about.

I am very sadden that this kind of discrimination still exists in our hearts and it is comments like yours that keep the world from being free and have only one race-the human race. Thank you.

Rug Meister from Canberra said...

"but i would never go to a Persian carpet dealer here and ask him to wash my carpet"

mmm. I need to think about this.

You would never go to someone who knows about Persian rugs to clean them because it would demean them so you would only go to someone who you do not respect to clean your rugs because it's shitty job?
Brilliant, mate. Perfect logic.

Anonymous said...

We are antiamerican here in sweden.

We? who are you? socialdemocrat=socialist=totalitarist=disaster

recent history:
Greece then Irland then portugal and maybe now Spain economical crack down all socialist parties in power

Anonymous said...

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Nathan544 said...

As oriental rug cleaners & restorers, we have the privilege of caring for beautiful works of art.
Hate is an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than it does to the object on which it is poured. The person who left such an ugly post must be filled with hate, and they are to be pitied...
Have a nice day! :)

Rug Ideas Dr. Kay Sobhe (Los Angeles) said...

Thank you Nate and others who commented on this post. I love my job and am proud of what I do. If you do it with love, then why should you care what others think of you. Rug is full of art, history, culture and real endless stories. We are blessed to be around rugs.