Monday, November 14, 2011

Hadji Jalili Rugs Haji Jalili Carpets of Tabriz

Some groups of Persian carpets have mysteries associated with them. Although they do not go back to hundreds  of years, so little is known about them. Among these groups, I would like to mention Mohtasham carpets, and Hadji (Haji) Jalili carpets/rugs. Mohtasham rugs were made in the famous city of Kashan. Hadji Jalili rugs were made in the famous city of Marand, 40 miles north west of Tabriz, in east Azerbaijan in north west Iran. Both groups were woven in the fourth quarter of the 19th century.

It is not clear that Hadji Jalili was a weaver or producer who commissioned the rugs to other weavers. But what is clear is that this type of rugs were made for the elite and noblemen. Their foundation is cotton and the pile is made of high quality lamb's wool. Contrary to other Persian rugs, the selvages of Hadji Jalili rugs are made of cotton. Rarely, I have seen few pieces of silk Hadji Jalili all silk rugs. They come in all sizes including small 4' x 6' to room sizes of 10' x 14' or even bigger.

Here I am posting few pictures of a 4' x 5' 11" Hadji Jalili rug we have on sale for $4,900. Like many other rugs from the similar collection, this cute little piece also has a kind of Orange Salmon red background.

We also did a cleaning and color restoration of a big 10' x 14' Hadji Jalili rug with Herati Fish (Mahi) design. Like the other piece this one had cotton selvages on the sides. I am posting some pictures of this beautiful rug.

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