Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rug Court Cases: What Can We All Learn From Them?

In the past few months, I have done some court appearances for rug related cases and have done some legal consultations and appraisals. The readers of my blog should have the privilege of using my experience with these cases. These are very valuable lessons that I like to share with you. Document every thing. Whatever goes on between you and the other party (parties). I said he said is not accepted by the court. The judge wants to see the proof. Pictures, e-mails, videos, letters, etc. can be of great help and make you win the case if well prepared and presented. Be careful with the contradictions. Judges ask many questions, some of which may seem irrelevant or even stupid (forgive my language), but they are smart and professional. We may have a couple of court cases in our life time. A judg has several cases everyday. So he is a professional and knows what he is doing. He is looking for contradictions and the truth. He may find that by asking different and too many questions. Do not volunteer to give out information. Be clear and specific. Talking too much and giving out too much information may work to your disadvantage. Do not mess around with judges. Do not try to proof you're tough and smart. Tell the truth and be calm and relax. I have seen defendants or plaintiffs arguing with judges nervously or impolitely and at the end, they lost their cases. Don't take risks in the courtrooms. I am not saying the a judge takes revenge if you mess with him and make him angry, but if you do not act properly, you cannot present yourself and forget why you are in the court. You're there to win your case. Some of these people who are in the courtrooms for rug case, have black/white pictures of their rugs or low resolution color copies of their rugs. OMG! Were you trying to save ink when you printed these images?

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