Friday, November 2, 2012

Backing Installation - Zebra Skin

A repeat customer of ours recently brought in a zebra skin that has sentimental value into our showroom. It is aging and starting to fall apart, so she wanted to know if there was anything she could have done so that the skin could remain intact. Take a look at the tearing below:

While we couldn't replace the missing skin pieces that had disintegrated over time,  we explained that we could install a backing on it to help hold the structure together. She was so happy that we had a way to help protect the skin from tearing apart she immediately said "Yes!". A canvas backing was cut and hand sewn to the back of the zebra skin and the results came out great. Take a look below:

The backing will hold the skin together even if more pieces start disintegrating, and the owner was ecstatic with the results. We have all sorts of great ideas to help you preserve your treasured rugs and skins, so if you have one that is in need of some attention so that it can enjoyed for many more years, come into Rug Ideas where we can step you through all your options to making just that happen!

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