Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shag Rug, Shag Carpet Cleaning at Rug Ideas

Shag rugs are beautiful and give our feet a lot of cushioning and comfort. Because of their high pile, they need a little more care and attention. We should not let them get very dirty and stained, otherwise cleaning them would become very difficult.

Here, I am posting before and after cleaning pictures of a very dirty shag rug we recently received from a customer. This rug was used in a very high traffic area. To clean this high pile carpet, we started from dusting and removed so much dust and dry soil from it. Then we gave it a full bath and wet wash and after we extracted the water, we dried it flat. The outcome was very good and our client was very happy. She had not seen the rug this clean in years. She left our store with a big smile on her face.

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Anonymous said...

well how did you do it? i don't want to roll my carpet up every time it needs cleaned and take it some where. i want to clean it myself.