Friday, December 21, 2007

Going Out of Business and Rug Racks

A rug dealer from down town Los Angeles contacted me few days ago and said he is going out of business and would like to sell his area rug racks. I made an appointment and went to see the racks. He was there for a year but since the rug business has been very slow, he wanted to close down the store and sell the rug racks. We bargained and reached an agreement. He had three racks, each one had 20 arms which would hold forty 5 x 8 (feet) rugs. He also had three bed type frames over which he placed piles and stacks of the rugs he had. I bought all of them, rented a truck and transferred every thing to our rug gallery. This has made our shop a mess since a couple of days ago and we have been busy redecorating and remolding our rug store to fit in all the racks and the frames. It has been a lot of work and it is not finished yet. Meanwhile, during the past three days, we sold several small and medium Persian and area rugs. As usual, we have been busy with rug cleaning and repair, and also several rug appraisals.

At this time of the year, people are usually busy with last minute shopping and do not buy rugs, with maybe few exception. But we have to work hard, and plan ahead to make 2008 a very busy and prosperous year. We can make it if we want it and go for it.

Khosrow Sobhe

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Oanhle said...

Hi my name is jenny
I am looking for a rug rack(swing arm) but i am living inaustralia. I wonder that if you can post the swing arm to aus and how much for tottal. I need about 3 of them.
Plz contact me via or +61-429689333
I am so thank you for your help. I am looking for somewhere they are sold but it is hard to find in the internet.
Thank you so much and sorri if my email bother you