Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kerman Rugs

More than any other carpets, I have seen Kerman rugs in the homes of my customers here in and around Los Angeles. I went to a customer's house last night to pick up two rugs she had for cleaning. One was an old Kerman rug which belonged to her parents. She wanted to sell this beautiful light green or turquise color Kerman rug, 9 x12 (9 m2) and I suggested that she keeps it and use it at her house. She accepted my professional advice. Below, I mention a little information on Kerman and its rugs. The sources are the "Wikipedia", and

"It is believed, that Kerman has been founded as early as the 3rd century by Ardeshir I, founder of the Sassanian dynasty. In Islamic time, Kerman was one of the important cultural centres of Iran.

Carpet weaving is one of the main industries of the city, and the carpets produced there are renowned internationally. Carpet weaving is a very old tradition in Kerman. The oldest carpet discovered in Kerman, belongs to about 500 years ago, which proves the precedence of weaving in this city. Cotton textiles and goats-wool shawls are also manufactured. A number of modern establishments such as textile mills and brickworks also have been constructed. The province's mineral wealth includes copper and coal."

"Marco Polo praised the carpets of Kerman as a marvel to see in 1270. His description is still apt today. Kerman is the capitol city of a province of the same name in Southeastern Iran. It is a city of about 2 million people about 1000 kilometers southeast of Teheran. For about the last 100 years a major source of high grade Persian carpets. Today Kerman produces highly distinctive carpets primarily in highly floral medallion plan and medallion all over designs.

In the older carpets the all cotton foundations have a depressed foundation with the first and third wefts rigid and the second sinuous. This has caused some to incorrectly attribute the Vase and Sanguszko carpets to Kerman. John Chardin traveling in Persia from 1673 to 1677 noted Kerman province especially Seistan as the home of the finest Persian Carpets."

Khosrow Sobhw


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