Sunday, December 16, 2007

Selling Few Indian Rugs

We went to deliver one Indian rug which was left with us for cleaning. This customer had given us several rugs for cleaning and had wanted few small rugs. Last week, we delivered the cleaned rugs and left several small pieces with them to see and think about. This time we took several more Indian small rugs. They did not want to keep the Persian rugs, but liked few small pieces of Indian rugs which looked cute at their beautiful house.

During the day, nothing special happened. In the afternoon, I went to an event which was held at James Bridges Cinema in UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) to celebrate the 800th birthday of Rumi, Moulana, the Iranian sofi, poet and the great philosopher. I could not buy the ticket online, since it was sold out. When I got to the box office, I was also told that the event was sold out. The organizer of the event saw me and said why did not you tell me you would like to attend the event and I said I did not think it would be a sold out event. Anyhow, I met several friends in the lobby and chated with them, but had no luck to get in. There was also a presentation of a wonderful documentary made by Farzin Rezaeian, another friend who has made a documentary named, "Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization". Besides this, the Lian Ensemble also was going to preform a live program. It was a great event, but I missed it. A friend who had come from Washington D.C. offered to give me his ticket, but I did not accept. I returned home.

Today, Sunday Dec. 16th, was also a slow and quiet day. I went to a friend's Italian restaurant in Culver City with my older son and had a wonderful brunch. We had a nice time. Other family members did not want to join us. At work, we met few customers, non of whom looked serious rug buyers. A customer came in and picked up his rug which was left with us for cleaning.

Khosrow Sobhe

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