Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rug Blogs, Rug Master and Oriental Carpets

It is good to have a rug blog. During the past few weeks that I have had my rug blog, I have received several e-mails encouraging me to go ahead with my blog. There are very few rug blogs on the Internet and those few are not updated. I try to write few posts per week. Persian, Oriental and area rugs have a big market in the world and in the US, but very few rug dealers like to write about rugs. They either cannot or do not want to write about rugs and how they do business. I believe we live in a wonderful era when tons of information is at our fingers' tips. Why not use it and why not contribute to it?

I do my homework and try to write about my every day life which is very much related to textiles, rugs, art, and culture.

Khosrow Sobhe

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