Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Antique Persian Senneh Kordestan Rug

It was relatively slow Sunday today. We have a big sign which we will put up on the side walk in front of our rug gallery, on La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles everyday. We also have a rack, on which we hang one piece of rug to draw attention of the people who drive by. The item we had today was an antique look 5 x feet area rug priced $175. A customer parked in the rear parking and came in and said how many of these rugs do you have? I said only one, and he said, OK I take the one that you have outside. I took the rug down and brought it into store. The smart customer saw the $175 price tag. He had thought it was only $17. What a mistake this bargain hunter had made. He left the store without the rug!!

A customer, a friend of my wife who had called me yesterday brought a wonderful antique Persian Senneh Kordestan rug sized ca. 4 x 6 feet. Wool on silk, very rare type of Senneh rug in perfect condition. It has two little moth damages as big as a ten-cent dime coin. Fringes are OK, but to preserve them, we have to overcast them to prevent the knots from coming off. We should also have it cleaned. It is rare because the foundation is(warps) is made of natural silk. This Persian old rug should be more than one hundred years old worth few thousand of Dollars. This kind of Seneh rug is made in the city of Sanandadj, the capital city of the province of Kurdestan, in north west of Iran.

It is such a joy to see rugs like this in good condition with an owner who cares about preserving it.

It is Sunday afternoon 5:45 pm and I want to close the shop and go home. Tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a new week. Will something exciting happen? Who knows. I will write about that tomorrow, when I have more time.

Khosrow Sobhe
Khosrow Sobhe

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