Thursday, January 3, 2008

Area Rug, Kashan Rug, and Spot Dyeing in the First Day of the Year 2008

Yesterday, was the January 2nd, the first working day of the year 2008. We had a busy day. A lady came in the morning and looked at few rugs. She asked for a better price and I said since you're my first customer in the new year, I will pay your sales tax and will not charge you 8.25% California sales tax. I will pay it for you. She said she would have to go to Target Store to buy some thing and she would return later. She did return in the afternoon with her husband. They liked two 8x11 rugs but were not sure which one would look nice. I suggested to try both of those rugs at home to see which one looks nicer. She agreed. We took 2 rugs to her place, and she kept the one which had a patina brown one. This was our first sale of the year. Another lady came in and looked at many rugs. She wanted us to put one 5x8 and a 2' 7" x 8 rug away for her to comeback with her husband. I wrote down the information of these two pieces on the back of my business card and gave it to her.

A rug dealer from one of the neighboring towns came in looking for a 10x 14 rug for his customer. He selected a very nice corner medallion burgundy Kashan rug and took it with him. Another rug dealer from Los Angeles who had left a rug for a spot dyeing visited us and saw some of the sample colors we had provided for him. He will return again to see more options.

A couple came in and looked at many rugs. The husband liked the area rugs of lower prices. The wife, a first grade teacher loved our Qashqai hand-knotted rugs made with hand-spun wool and vegetable dye. The lady's taste was good, but they had limited budget. They could not agree on what to buy. I gave them rug books and literature for free with a small gift. They left happy and said they might comeback later.

We received a shipment of rugs from New York. we unpacked and labeled them one by one. These are Belgian area rugs of different sizes.

It was a busy first day of the year.

Khosrow Sobhe

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