Friday, January 11, 2008

Persian and Oreintal Rug Business and Tough Times in 2008

Many experts say Persian and Oriental rug business will have a tougher time in 2008. What I can do myself to protect my business as a rug dealer and rug lover here in my city, Los Angeles is not to lose hope and work harder, and of course smarter. We should not sit down and wait for a miracle to happen. We should create a miracle. I do not say we should try to create a miracle. We should make the miracle to happen. I believe on our fate train, I am not a passenger. I am the driver.

I have been in Los Angeles for less than 4 years, with a few months of stay in New York City. Before that, I lived in Tehran, where I had a very successful Persian rug business and a very good life. I moved to the States because of the great educational opportunities this country would have for my two sons. I have two great hard working sons. Kash, will turn 16 in March, 2008 (Khashaiar, an ancient Persian king's name = Xerxes) is at the 10th grade at Beverly Hills High School. Hid GPA is 4.0. He is a volunteer homework helper in Beverly Hills Public Library two days a week helping kids who have difficulties with their math, science and other academic subjects. Kash is very sociable. He wants to go to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) to study information technology. He does not want to go to a community college. He thinks ahead. He wants to give back part of what this great city has given to him. My older son, Ashkan, studies information technolgy at Californian State University Northridge here in Los Angeles for his BS. He is a dedicated young man. Few weeks ago, he established his own company called "ITChair", an information technology company with a very active web site w. He does web designing and online marketing. He has made several professional web sites. He is a Microsoft certified expert, eager to learn and progress. He has some certificates, under which are signed by Bill Gates. Ashakn is a great son. He is a member of several non-profit societies. He serves on the board of several of these societies. I always ask his opinions on different subjects to give him the opportunity of expressing himself, and this has worked in letting him step forward. Of course, I have a great wife. Some times when we want to attend a professional meeting and my wife wants to introduce herself, she asks me how she should introduce herself. I tell her to introduce herself as the "Vice President of Expenditure" in my company, as she loves to shop and help other businesses grow!! Besides this, I have so many good American and a few Iranian friends. I have written about myself in other sections of my rug blog and see no need to bore anyone repeating them again here.

So much for that. I do not know why I entered into this subject, but I felt it might be OK to give my readers a brief information on my personal life here in Southern California.

Khosrow Sobhe

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