Monday, January 28, 2008

Persian Senneh Rug and a Rainy Day in Los Angeles

It was Sunday yesterday and a very rainy day in Los Angeles. It was one of those slow Sundays. A customer who had left an antique Persian Senneh rug with us for cleaning and repair came in and picked up her rug. 2-3 rug dealers had shown interest in buying this rug, but she did not want to sell it. They have had it in the family for a long time and she wanted to keep it in the family.

Paying bills, checking my e-mails and doing other paper work and administrative and office job, along with finishing the pricing of our newly arrived area rugs was what I did yesterday.

Today is Monday and it will rain again off and on in Los Angeles. Are we going to have an exciting day with many contacts and coming and going of people and customers? Who knows? We'll see.

Khosrow Sobhe

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