Thursday, January 24, 2008

Selling Area Rugs and $2 Doormats

It was a busy Wednesday, yesterday. A rug dealer from one of the neighboring towns of Los Angeles who had taken a rug for his customer called me and stopped by to pay for the hand knotted Persian rug he had sold. A customer parked his pick up truck in our parking and came into our rug store and bought a 5 x 8 feet black background area rug which was on Sale. Another customer also came in and bought a dark blue background 5 x 8 feet area rug with a 2 x 8 feet back background area rug runner. He was short $16.00 and I said I trust you, take the rugs and when you're in the area, pay me. He was so happy that I trusted him.

We always have $2 doormats on sale and we sell several pieces everyday. We do not make profit on these doormats, but this makes people notice our store. Many of them cannot afford passing buy without buying one or two doormats. What can you buy with $2 these days? Maybe a chewing gum. This is one way of attracting customers who pass or drive by. They may come back one day to buy rug!

A lady came in today and brought a hand knotted Pakistani rug for cleaning. She said she found my web log first, and then my web site. Good to hear this!

There will be a very big home furnishing show in Las Vegas next week. Earlier, I had planned to visit this show, but now after I have returned from the Atlanta Rug Show, I do not have the feeling of visiting another show. I have many unfinished jobs here and do not want to leave my store. There is always tons of work to do when you have your own business. You always lag behind.

I better get back to work and concentrate on doing something done before it is time to go home. It has been raining off and on in Los Angeles since two days ago. To me rain and cloud is always sad, but some people may like it and think it is romantic! They maybe right!

Khosrow Sobhe

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