Sunday, March 16, 2008

Indian Rug Cleaning For a Customer From West Lake Los Angeles

Last Sunday, a couple brought an Indian 8 x 10 rug for cleaning. They had come from West lake, a city close to Los Angeles. There were some little stains on the borders and I did not promise those stains be removed by regular cleaning. After the rug was returned from cleaning, the stains were still there. I paid $25 to our repairman to remove those stubborn stains. The spots were taken care of. The husband and wife came in today to pick up their rug after they called and made sure they could get the rug. I showed the rug and pointed the place of the removed spots and said if you're happy with the job, pay me $25 more which is my cost and I do not want to charge you more. They did not want to pay. They took their rug and left. They had paid the original cleaning cost upfront. I blamed myself and made a decision. I should be tougher at the beginning and if the customer is not ready to pay the price, I should call and tell them that there would be an extra charge for stain removal. Some of the customers do not appreciate what you do and there is no sense giving them what they do not appreciate.

We sold few pieces of area rugs and runners, but overall, the past few days have been very slow in regard with sales. It was Sunday today and I stayed at work until 5:45 pm.

Khosrow Sobhe

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