Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Should We Buy Old and Antique Persian and Oriental Rugs?

Why Should We Buy Old and Antique Rugs?


1- Old and Antique Persian and Oriental rugs are scarce, and the demand for them is much greater than the supply. Therefore, these rugs appreciate in value as the time goes by.

2- We can use and enjoy them, while we can invest in them. There are many other kinds of investment that cannot be used in our daily lives. For example, we cannot use our coins, stamps, bonds and stocks. But we can use and enjoy our beautiful old and antique rugs.

3- Antique rugs are surely making a strong comeback and making their presence felt in the extremely competitive rug market.

4- Possessing antique rugs is a matter of pride for the owners. It took the care and maintenance by generations to preserve their beloved old and antique rugs. And why not? After all, their antique rug still shines bright amidst the cacophony of modern day rugs.

5- Antique rugs present us with an opportunity to connect with history.

6- Antique rugs are never out of style. They do not come and go with fashion and trends.

Khosrow Sobhe



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