Sunday, March 2, 2008

Textile Museum Associates of Southern California, TMA/SC TMASC Board meeting

It was Saturday yesterday and we had board meeting in the Textile Museum Associates of Southern California, TMASC in the home of a board member. We started at 9:30 am and finished at 1:30 pm. Several reports like the membership, the treasurer, web master, and few other reports were submitted and approved. The website and the new brochure of the society were also talked about. Our membership has gone up because of many good and interesting programs we have had. The board will meet again in three months.

While I was at the meeting, our store was very busy and several rugs were sold and two customers had brought in several rugs for cleaning and repair.

Today, Sunday, it was a slower day compared with yesterday. We sold only four pieces of area rugs. A lady called me and asked about our working hours. I said we would be open till 5:00 pm. She said we would be there in your store in one hour. They later came in with two kids, one boy and a very cute girl. They were from Redondo Beach, a city south of Los Angeles close to the ocean.They were looking for a 9x12 feet rug. They liked an Indian Agra rug with Ivory background and black border. The husband was willing to buy it5 and take it home, but the wife said they should do more research. The price I gave them was a good deal and I doubt if they can find such a rug with such a price. They may return.

Tomorrow will be Monday, and the beginning of a new week, full of hope.

Khosrow Sobhe


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