Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Persian New Year Party @ CSUN Cal State Northridge

Yesterday evening we were invited to a party which was held in the Camden House restaurant in Beverly Hills. A good friend who was my school mate at the university of Southern California, USC has opened a Mind Therapy Center and held a big party there. She is a very successful psychologist. My wife and I went there and stayed for a couple of hours. Then we had to rush to another party, this one a Persian new year, NowRuz party in the Californian State University Northridge, 15 miles north of Los Angeles. They have a very active Persian club and my son Ashkan is its president. With the help of other members of the Persian club and their adviser, they held a very well attended party with lots of Persian food, dance and fun. We were there till 11:00 pm. Every body liked the event. It was fun for us as guests, and good practice for the young students to practice to hold such events.
Khosrow Sobhe

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