Thursday, September 4, 2008

Repairing and Cutting a Persian American Sarouk Sarook Carpet Rug in Los Angeles

A UCLA math teacher brought in an old American Sarouk carpet which was in a very bad condition. This type of Sarouk rugs were made in the early 1900 in Iran in the city of Arak, then called Sultanabad for the American market. That is why they are called American Sarouk. This rug was torn and was falling apart. He said that they had it for a century in their family. There was no way of preserving the rug since all the foundations on different sides were broken. Besides, he said that it was too big for them and they had no place to fit the rug in. The size of the rug was 9 x 12 foot.

We made a nice and clean rug with the size of 5 x 8 after it was professionally cleaned. His wife did not like fringes at all, so we made the bindings and gave the rug handmade selvages on all four sides. The math teacher who looked very anxious and picky at the beginning liked the job.

Khosrow Sobhe


Dave said...

Dr. Sobhe, you have the most interesting rugs come through your doors! Thank you for sharing

Rug Ideas Dr. Kay Sobhe (Los Angeles) said...

Thank you David. Yes I am lucky and blessed to see and work on these objects of art. When I see rugs like these, I become so excited like a kid in a candy or toy store.

Best regards,
Khosrow Sobhe

Rug Cleaners said...

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