Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dog Urine Stain Removal From a Chinese Hand Knotted Rug in Los Angeles

We picked up a hand knotted Chinese wool rug from a customer's house for cleaning and stain removal. All kinds of stains were on the rug including dog urine stains in the border and in the background, coffee stains and food, oil, and wine stains. We sent the rug to washing factory to be cleaned by water and soap. We usually flat dry the rugs in the son and do not hang them because in many instances the colors bleed and run into the brighter areas and make stains. After we received the rug back from the cleaning we worked on this rug for a week or so to remove all the stains.

Our customer was happy to see the rug in a new and fresh look without any stains on it.

Khosrow Sobhe

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Anonymous said...

Any suggestions as to where to bring a 7x10 wool rug for cleaning? It has some older pet urine stains. Home extraction cleaning has does next to nothing. I am in Pasadena, CA.

Thanks in advance.