Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chinese Rug: Deal of the Day

It is Saturday 11:45 am. On my way to work an hour ago, I passed by a garage sale and I noticed a rug on the side walk. I parked and got off the car. I inspected the rug. It was a hand knotted Chinese rug with cotton foundation and fine wool pile. I asked for the price. The lady said $25 and I said $10. We agreed upon $15. She was happy to get rid of the rug and getting $15 cash. I was happy to have this rug for $15.00. I paid and took the rug to my car. I have it now in my rug store. It is a lovely piece and is worth at least $100.

If you want to buy or sell something, do a little homework and find out what it is. I was ready to pay up to $50 for this rug. The lady did not know if this was a machine or hand made rug.

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Dustytherugbadger said...

congrats on the great deal Dr. K.
I'm sure you will find a new home for it where it will be loved again!