Monday, October 24, 2011

San Francisco Antique Rug Show Round Up

My trip to San Francisco to visit the antique rug show took three days. I drove there from Los Angeles. Weather was nice and I liked the show. It was fun to see some good rugs and kilims, meet few good old friends, learn more about different types of rugs, and chat with rug dealers and collectors. Organizers had done whatever they could to make the show successful and if some exhibitors did not sell or were not totally happy, no one was to blame but the slow market.

I saw a dealer/collector from Los Angeles who was there from Wednesday, two days before the show started and he had hunted what he was looking for. Several of the participants/dealers had bought some items they liked from other exhibitors. The benefit of visiting or exhibiting is not always to sell few items. It is to be there to make contacts and let others know who you are and what you do.

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Steve Vereno said...

Antique rugs are great, my family has some older Persian rugs that we have enjoyed for years. What was the oldest antique rug there?