Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moth Damage and Rug Cleaning

 Moth damage that goes unchecked is one of the worst things that can happen to your rug. Moth damage on carpets is like rust on metal. Once it sets in the entire piece can start falling apart with no way to save it. It can happen when a rug sits in storage for a long amount of time but also happens in your home if the rug is in a dark area and is not regularly cleaned, vacuumed and rotated.
Moth damage to rugs is caused by the common clothing moth. It's small and is usually silvery tan or soft brown in color. This moth flies slowly but with a rapid flutter of small wings. The females can lay hundreds of eggs each, and the eggs hatch into larvae that consume wool and silk fibers. Moths and their larvae thrive in dark, undisturbed areas where a rug gets little traffic and is not often vacuumed. A bad infestation sometimes leaves a cobweb-like veil in the area of the damage, along with fine, sand-like debris. An infestation often involves more than one rug, and can spread to (or from) woolens or furs hanging in a closet or sweaters stored in a drawer.

A moth infestation can be easily deterred by a few housecleaning tips:
•Have your area rug professionally cleaned. Once a year is recommended.
•Vacuum the entire rug, especially areas under furniture. Once a month is best.
•Rotate the area rug, this always helps the area rug wear evenly. Twice a year if possible.
•Get your air ducts cleaned once a year. Moths love undisturbed areas.
•Before storing your area rug get it professionally cleaned and properly wrapped for storage.

In certain cases like in the pictures shown above it is too late for saving the rug and the only viable option is throwing it away. If you do happen to see moth damage in its early stages we may be able to help with moth damage restoration. By following the tips mentioned above, though, you have the best chance of keeping your rugs moth free, looking great and have them healthy to use for years to come.

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