Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rug Summit 4, Ann Arbor Michigan Second Day

Today, Saturday October, 8, 2011 was the second day of the Rug Summit 4. Several speakers talked about the following matters:

- Armen Dohamian about Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS)
- Howard Morris on Using Media & Video to Sell Your Services
- Greg Turcotte on Equipment & Chemistry
- Panel on Rug ID

A good part of the program that I liked very much was asking several people from the audience to get up and express their opinions on different matters. I was also given a chance for a few minutes to talk about my appearance in Judge Judy's court. I liked Armen Dohamian's talk about a new professional organization, Association of Rug Care Specialists ARCS which specifically deals with rug care and not the general field of wall to wall carpet and broad field of mold, fire, restoration, and ... which does not directly deal with rugs. I filled the application to joint ARCS. I believe rug specialists and enthusiasts should support and join this association.

The Summit ended around 3:00 pm. Some of the participants left for the airport to return to their cities. Several went to Tom Monahan's rug washing studio for a test of few bleeding Afghan rugs cleaning.

Overall, I liked the Rug Summit and it was well worth to leave my work for a few days (four days) to attend it. I did not want to rush back to Los Angeles right after the Summit. I will go back tomorrow which is Sunday. I will be back at work on Monday morning. I have already missed my rug gallery.

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