Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rugs, Carpets and Qashqai Men

Qashqai tribe in the province of Fars has a long history of around 600 years. Qashqai tribe is consisted of six clans or sub-tribes such as Shesh Boluki, Large Kashkuli, Darreh Shuri, Amaleh, Farsi Madan, and Small Kashkuli. The tribe migrates around 300 miles twice a year. In the hot summer they go north to the foot of Zagros mountain. In the cold winter, they go south to get closer to the Persian Gulf in search of pastures for their herds. Qashqai's live in black tents made of goat hair which is oily and greasy which make the hair/tent waterproof in the rain and cold winters of the region. Many of the Qashqai's are settled and do not migrate anymore.

Qashgai weavers make beautiful Kashkuli and Gabbeh rugs. All these rugs/carpets are woven by talented Qashqai women who learn how to make rugs from their mothers. Men always seen in their felt hats in the tribe help with shearing and dyeing the wool. The weavers use ground or horizontal looms as this type of loom can be disassembled easily when they want to migrate. Dyeing is a secret not shared with the public and only few know how to create beautiful hues out of local herbs and plants. Walnut husk, pomegranate, and indigo are among the stuff they use for dyeing.

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