Monday, February 13, 2012

Kashan Rugs

A Kashan rug is a type of Persian rug from the area of Kashan. Kashan is a city in Isfahan Province in North Central Iran. There was production of Persian Carpet at Royal workshops in the 17th and early 18th century. Many authors attribute Persian Rugs and Carpet to Kashan in the 16th century particularly of the so-called small silk Kashan Persian Carpet group. The Persian Carpet workshops ceased production in about 1722 after the Afghan invasion.
Historically Kashan was a major center in the garment trade. In the late 19th century the market shifted and the local industry went from fine wool cloth to fine wool carpets. High quality wool was sourced from different parts of Iran and in some cases even imported wool was used.
If you have a Kashan carpet in your household that needs a professional cleaning to bring it back to life contact us anytime so we can help take care your piece of artwork. Repairs are also our specialty, so don't delay... love your rug today!

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