Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rugs and Moth Damage

prevention is better than cure. We received eight rugs for cleaning a few days ago. They were all severely moth damaged while they were in storage. Two of the eight were not cleanable we asked the owners to trash them. They put these two unsalvageable rugs in our garbage container in our parking lot. We did not take these rugs inside our rug store on to our workshop. We laid them down outside under the sun for a few hours before measuring, tagging and photographing them. At the end of the day we sent them to cleaning and sanitizing.

Cleaning is the best type of prevention when it comes to moth damages on rugs. If a rug is professionally deep cleaned, then there is a very little chance of moth damage. Of course proper wrapping with heavy duty acid free paper would help. Rugs should not be wrapped in plastics and kept in dark and and humid storage. If you store a rugs, you should open it once every few weeks and expose it to fresh air and vacuum it back and face and re-wrap it.

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